Amazon SEO Consultant

Launch Your Amazon Product & Skyrocket Your Sales


We research profitable keywords your product should be ranking for, including long-tail keywords with very little competition. We also product a report to show you the monthly search volumes for these keywords.


We will Optimise your product pages for the most relevant and profitable keywords for your Niche, which will create an outstanding product page, meaning you will rank higher in Amazon.


The ranking algorithm is based on visits, sales & reviews. We will launch your product all within Amazon's T&Cs. Generating your initial sales and  reviews for your product, kick-starting the buyer and ranking process. 


Once the initial sales and reviews have been generated we will launch a Paid advertising campaign (using specific targeted keywords), simultaneously working with Amazon and Facebook this is one of the most efficient and cost effective ways to generate sales (and hence improve your rankings.)


The entire process outlined above will result your products ranking on page 1 of the Amazon search engine. This is our primary goal for all clients, as this results in more sales and hence more profits for your business. 

Amazon Premium Service

FREE Setup + Commission

Unlike other Amazon SEO Services on the market we DO NOT charge you a penny for our initial consultation.

Unfortunately there are so many services on the market that take you money upfront but never deliver their promises!  leaving you out of pocket and a product that is not performing! 

We are different!  We will first ask about your product, do our own research on the niche.  We will always be upfront and honest, if the product is not for us and we believe it won't make sales or it is a saturated niche with to much competition, we will tell you straight!  And unfortunately will not offer our services.

We are very proud of our achievements and are not in the market just to gain financially from an initial one off payment service.  That's why all our service plans are bespoke depending on your product and the work involved to create a high converting selling product and the future work needed to continue sales and growth.

All our services are commission based. When you make a sale we take a small commission, so the more sales you make the better it is for us!  It makes sense for us to be very committed to your product or we will not benefit either right?

If we are happy with taking your product on board we will do all the initial work at our own cost, so it won't cost you a penny to get your product up and running.  Once the product makes sales we will take our commission, which will cover the initial work and future work.  All the RISK is on our shoulders!  If we don't make you sales then all our hard work was done purely at our own expense.

We don't provide you with a flat commission either, every project is different and tailored around the products.  All projects are based on a 3 month contract, after this period the commission rate can be negotiated.

This is truly a one of kind NO RISK service for clients, all the RISK is on our shoulders, hence why we choose the products we work with wisely.  Don't be upset if we turn you down, in most cases we have found it a wake up call for clients who often thanked us at a later date for our honesty.

Once we have agreed a plan and we are happy to take on your product we begin the process of getting your product to page 1 of Amazon using the steps below:

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We started selling our product on Amazon in March 2017 but with limited experience selling on Amazon we started to look for someone to help grow our sales, after making some enquiry’s we were given the contact details for Carl Sears at Monkey Ltd.


After talking to Carl and explaining what help we were looking for he made some suggestions of what he could offer and we started using Carl’s services to increase our new listing on Amazon.


Carl has been instrumental in growing our sales on Amazon which have increased by 40% month on month, as this was our first venture with Amazon we now have a proved concept and intend to add more products to our Brand and grow sales.


We have been extremely happy with Carl’s work and have no hesitation in recommending his services.


Our first product on Amazon was launched in April 2017, we had limited sales and felt that the product was not going to sell well on Amazon.


We came across Carl's website and read what he could do, we felt that it was not really a risk for us to try as it wasn't going to cost us anything upfront.


I have to say we were amazed with the turnaround!  After just 3 weeks we started to see a significant increase in sales, from just 10 units per week to 60 units per week.

Our Amazon business continues to grow with the effort Carl is putting in and it allows us to concentrate on new product ideas.  

We are so happy that we found Carl, we finally have confidence in the Amazon business model.


EXCITE Products

We decided to use the Facebook service offered.  We already had a fairly good presence on Amazon but our Facebook page was terrible!

Carl explained what he would do and made changes to our page.  Within weeks we were getting more likes and our page become more social.  This lead to more sales converstaions to our Amazon products.

Our next step is to use Carl's other service to help us launch new product ideas directly to Amazon.  We have been so impressed with the service he has offered and we can remember how long it took us to get our original product launched.  

Excellent service!!!!