Amazon Premium Service

Step One

Amazon Analytics & Consultancy

Step Three

Amazon Listing Optimization

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Account & Listing Aduit

Rank Audit

Listing Errors

Thorough analysis of your products

Keyword Research

Category correction

Product listing clean-up

Evaluate potential profitability

Understand competitors' strategy with similar listings

Discover product gaps and opportunites

Review competitors' prices

Identify best price point for products

Estimate monthly revenue

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Unique product description optimized with keywords

Optimization of title, description and bullet points

Add products to relevant categories

Image optimization

Add high quality photos to listings

Continue to optimize keywords for maximum velocity

Create paid search ads on Amazon (to clients budget)

Optimizing paid search ads with relevant keywords

Link building to products

Promote products through Facebook

Create Brand awareness on Facebook

Create and manage a Brand Facebook page

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Step Two

Competitor Research

Step Four

Amazon & Facebook PPC Promotion

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Our Premium Service is completely RISK FREE once we are happy with taking your product on board we will do all the work at our own cost, so it won't cost you a penny to get your product up and running.  Once the product makes sales we will take a commission, which will cover the initial work and future work.  All the RISK is on our shoulders!  If we don't make you sales then all our hard work was done purely at our own expense.

We don't provide you with a flat commission either, every project is different and tailored around the products.  All projects are based on a 3 month contract, after this period the commission rate can be negotiated.

This is truly a one of kind NO RISK service for clients, all the RISK is on our shoulders, hence why we choose the products we work with wisely.  Don't be upset if we turn you down, in most cases we found it a wake up call for clients who often thanked us at a later date for our honesty.

Once we have agreed a plan and we are happy to take on your product we begin the process of getting your product to page 1 of Amazon using the steps below:

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