My Tools And FBA Kit

Ok, so you have an Amazon FBA Business or maybe you are just starting out and want to know what you need? 

These are the tools and kit I use for my own eCommerce business. I've only included tools that I personally recommend. Some of the links below are affiliate links and I receive a small commission if you purchase any of them through the links.  But you won't offend me if you don't, you can always search through are good friend Google.


Jungle Scout, is probably my favourite tool, you can get an instant snapshot of products sales, reviews and popularity. It can be used for Arbitrage to estimate sales volume but where it really shines is researching potential Private Label products, This is a must tool for anybody selling on Amazon.  The Price is very reasonable too, just $87 for the lite version which will do everything you need it to do. 

Keepa, No Amazon seller can be without this tool!  It's probably the most important tool in my kit.  I use it everyday and it helps me make the right buying decsions.  You do need to learn how to use it correctly, but when you do it's priceless!  I have a few videos and posts on here which will explain how to use this in detail.  This tool is also 100% FREE!

Kashflow Accountancy software is often overlooked in people's Amazon business.  This software helps me keep track of all my expenses, sales, VAT, PAYE etc.  Without it I would not be ableto run a successful business and would not know what position my business is in.  Another essential tool for you business and just £5 per month.

Price Checker 2.0, If you have wholesale price lists in excel or CSV format then this is another amazing tool.  Imagine importing your suppliers enitre product range into a piece of software to find profitable results on Amazon!  This is exactly what this software does and more! For $49 per month.  An Ideal piece of software for people with wholesale or bulk lists of UPC or EAN codes,

Last Pass, Ok not a tool I use for Amazon but an essential tool to record all my usernames and passwords.  This stores them in categories and also produces passwords for you.  Never forget a password again with this tool. It stops you from using the same password all the time! (How many of you do that?)  Also 100% FREE

So that's my list of tools that I currently use, there are some others I use but at the moment I don't want to recommend them. I'm still getting to grips with how they work and trying to find out if they are any good! Keep watching this space for any updates.