NanoTech Case Study


In 2017 we had the pleasure of working alongside Nanotech SST, a new startup company that had just launched their products on to the Amazon marketplace.  They had been trying to sell their products on Amazon for a few months with little success and were looking to give up on the marketplace and maybe even their business dreams.

They approached us and asked if we could help, after our initial research into their product we believed it was something that we could work with and make a success in their niche.

After only a few weeks we gave their product page a full face lift, implemented our strategy and began to relaunch this product. In just a matter of days sales started to come in to the amazement of Janet and Dave from Nanotech, finally they began to believe in their product once again.


That was 3 years ago and today their product and more importantly brand continue to grow with our help. Their sales have now exceeded over 10,000 units with a turnover of just over £200,000.

Although still a small company, Nanotech is now in the position to launch new products in their range and push boundaries further creating a sustainable and profitable business for years to come. This year see's the launch of 3 new products and estimated Sales of over £400,000.


And this was all achievable from just booking a consultation with us 3 years ago, when they believed their product was dead on Amazon. 

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The Nanotech Amazon Store designed by our Team, please be aware you have to be brand registered to have an Amazon store page (Something we can assist in too)