Amazon FBA Sales Estimators Review

Ever wanted to know which Amazon Sales Rank Calculator is the most accurate! There are now 3 top names on the market offering sales estimates, but which one is the most accurate or are they all way off the mark!

I tested the following:


So how would I test these to see which one was the most accurate?

Well that was easy bit!, I have 3 Private Label products that I currently offer on, so I knew exactly what the sales figures were each month.

The first thing to remember is, all of these programmes give sales estimates, they will NEVER give you an exact figure. So I wasn't expecting an exact sales of my PL product, BUT I wanted to know how close they were.

For the review and test I would be using a PL product that was launched 3 months ago. My PL product over the last 3 months has sold102 Units

March - 72 ( Product Discount launch)

April - 20

May – 10

So the figure I would be comparing against was 10 Sales Per Month as this was the last month sales figure.



Asinspector does a lot more than just estimate sales rank data but for this test I was only interested in this feature. You can find asinspector here:

There are 2 payment options, If you are just looking for Sales data the $67 One Time payment is perfect that equates to just £46 - So Great Value.

So what result did it give for my PL product?

Although the image is not very clear, you can see that the monthly sales estimate was just 5 units, compared to my actual 10.


Jungle Scout is also more than just a sales estimator, it has many other useful features too. You can find Jungle Scout here:

Again you have 2 payment options, the lite version will give you all the sales rank data, for just a One time payment of $87 about £59. So again great Value.

So what result did Jungle Scout give my PL product, again the sales estimate was 5 per month 50% less than the actual sales.


The new boy on the block from a UK based company. This also has other features but we are only interested in the sales data. You can find the WIZARD here:

The Wizard only gives you one price option and that's £8.97 per month so maybe not as good value as the other two options, but it's results that count right?

So what result did it give for my PL product. You can see the estimated sales were 15 per month, 50% higher than my actual sales of 10.

So after the test we had a mixed bag of results but none of the programmes were anywhere near my actual sales. One test is not conclusive so I ran the test on my other 2 PL products the results are below.

Product 2

Actual Sales - 14

AsinSpector - 10 - 29% Under

Jungle Scout - 11 - 22% Under

Wizard Bar - 24 - 71% Over

Product 3

Actual Sales - 19

AsinSpector - 30 - 57% Over

Jungle Scout - 12 - 37% Under

Wizard Bar - 52 - 73% Over

So another mixed bag of results, with none of them really that close to my actual sales. So which one would I choose out of the three to assist me in my sourcing?

It would have to be.....

Why Jungle Scout? Well every time the results were always less than my actual, and if I'm sourcing products I like to know that maybe I can sell a few more than the estimate, rather than the other way round. If I go on over estimates then I could make the wrong buying decision. Jungle scout was also the most consistent, AsinSpector was under on 2 products and over on one. The Wizard was over on all three.

Jungle Scout was an average of 36% Under My Actual Sales ASIN was an average of 7% Under My Actual Sales (But had one Over) Wizard was an Average of 64% Over My Actual Sales


Although Jungle Scout comes out top on the tests I performed, there is ONE major problem with all these programmes and results, they are just NOT Accurate enough!, and there's a simple reason behind it. The BSR is just a snap shot of the products performance at the time of searching. They are all basing estimates from the actual BSR and not the AVERAGE BSR. I realised this problem when researching the first product.

When I looked at my Keepa charts on the 2nd of June, I had just made a sale and because of this my Rank shot down from 63,039 to 24,543.

When I checked the 3 programmes they had all changed their estimated Sales too;

ASIN - went from 5 sales to 23 sales Jungle - went from 5 sales to 19 sales Wizard - went from 15 sales to 45 sales

Now imagine if you were sourcing a product and you had seen this snapshot! You would have purchased more than you would need! And it could be a complete sourcing disaster!

The very next day my ranks shot back to roughly what they were previously, I checked the software again and the estimates where similar to my first results.

This is when I realised that they were not basing the data on the AVERAGE BSR but on the ACTUAL BSR.

So my advice, if you are going to use these products use them as a guide only! NEVER take the sales figure as gospel! USE your KEEPA charts and look at the 90 day average BSR. If the average is close to the figure being shown on the programmes then you can source using the data they are displaying, but I would personally use Jungle Scout as the data was always under!

I will be doing a post on Keepa Charts very soon, so make sure you watch out for it. Using Keepa charts is vital to your sourcing, if you can read and understand them it makes sourcing decisions so much easier and eliminates so many bad buys!







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